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Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Remembering the hero dogs of 9/11



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Donkey has been stranded on lake island for years!

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Pets of the Week

Until there are none, adopt one.

     Meet Blu, this gentle giant Newfoundland is looking for his forever home. Blu came to the shelter for not being fond of the excitable preschooler in the home, so dog-savvy children 12 years old and over are recommended. Blu needs lots of extra space to roam, and should have a person familiar with the breed and understands that large breed dogs can be a big financial responsibility. To adopt Blu, please visit Bangor Humane Society.

  Meet Calypso, a gorgeous, fluffy girl with a strong personality. She is very sweet, loyal, and loving, though she doesn't have much patience for those who can't read her social cues. Calypso wants to be her person's one and only kitty -- she may be spayed, but that won't stop her from being a queen! To learn more about adopting Calypso, please contact HART Adoption Center & Shelter for Cats.



Website of the Week...

     Afghanistan may be war-torn and desolate, but it also has beautiful pets waiting for homes. Our Website of the Week is Nowzad dogs, which features dogs and cats from Afghanistan's only animal shelter. The animals inside this shelter are extremely cute and amazingly beautiful.

According to the website, "When we first found out last year that we needed to find a new home for the Nowzad animal shelter due to circumstances beyond our control, it was a rather stressful and worrying time for the charity. But with thanks to the kindness and generosity of our fantastic supporters our fears were soon alleviated." The Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic for small animals is funded solely by generous donations. Two Afghan national veterinarians have been expertly trained by the generous support of Dr. Mohammad of Mayhew International, London, and Dr. Susan Chadima of Maine, who have both given up so much of their time to teach, oversee and support the Afghan vets to learn new valuable skills that have now seen the clinic carry out extremely necessary amputations on street dogs injured in road accidents, dentistry on cats with severe teeth problems, a tumor removal from a much-loved soldier's adopted dog, as well as the constant need for neutering and spaying of the stray population. See more at Nowzad's medical clinic page.

"With the shelter lease secured, we now have been told that our lease on the clinic, cattery and secure staff accommodation is not going to be renewed, and that the clinic has just two months to move," the website stated. "Having secure accommodation is vital in what is technically; still a country at war with daily threats aimed at western aid agencies."  

"This time we have decided to improve upon what we currently have and build a legacy for animal welfare in Afghanistan that will last long after the proposed troops pull out in 2014," the website added.

The shelter is hoping to collect about $125,000 in donations to secure a site for improved clinic facilities and serve as an educational base for Afghan national trainee vets. Along with reducing the threat of rabies, more staff would be trained to promote the benefits of animal welfare.

Take a look and fall in love with the Nowzad dogs of Afghanistan and donate if you can.

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Quote of the Day

"For animals like wolverines and monarch butterflies, this could be the beginning of the end." -- Noah Greenwald, Center for Biological Diversity's endangered species director, referring to Trump administration's policy change to consider economic matters on environmental decisions, including ones impacting endangered wildlife

Great news! Michigan now a no-kill state for shelter animals!

Huge decline in songbirds linked to common insecticide

Good corporate neighbor: Ace Hardware boosts efforts to phase out neonicontinoid pesticides!

Monarch butterflies raised in captivity don't migrate

Jumping worms latest invasive species to enter Illinois!

Dog's eye surgically removed after being beaten with log by bastard neighbor!

Insect 'apocalypse' in U.S. being driven by 50 times more toxic pesticides!

Sick asshole throw eight puppies out of car window in Texas!

Where lions once ruled, they now are quietly disappearing

Wyoming could have the path to saving the sage-grouse!

Hurricane tragedy: Nearly 300 animals drown in shelter in the Bahamas

Photo of the Day

Canadian service dogs watch musical as part of their training!

Incredible! Woman in Bahamas brings 97 dogs into home to protect them from hurricane!

Blog: Powerful women told me getting a dog is the key to success; they were right!

Harvard offers course training students to battle for animal rights!

Pure scum: Trump allows man who killed rhino for $400,000 to bring remains to U.S.

Vegetarians gain ground in carnivorous Argentina

Photo of the Day

Beethoven, Bach being used to soothe abused dogs!

Fireflies now threatened with extinction!

Trump administration accused of meddling in animal abuse probes!

9-year-old raises nearly $80,000 to buy bulletproof vests for police dogs!

How bobcats, foxes and coyotes help my farm!

Joliet, Illinois man accused of leaving dog that later died in hot car

Unreal! Southern African nations threaten to leave global wildlife pact; Namibia wants to kill more rhinos!

What the Amazon fires mean for wildlife there

Blood from horseshoe crabs has medical uses, but the crustaceans may soon be gone!

Massive 26-pound cat looking for furever home in Philly!

Study says vocal ability of orangutans greatly underestimated!

500 million bees killed in Brazil by pesticides banned elsewhere

Photo of the Day

Animal rescue center honors late actor James Garner

Mustangs escape slaughter and neglect pipeline to return to life of freedom

Why? More than 40 wild burros slaughtered in California desert

WARNING: Blue algae in lakes, rivers in Illinois, southern states killing dogs

Brazil no longer requires pesticide test for dogs!

What's the buzz: How this year's cicadas differ from the ones that come every 17 years

USDA WARNING: Asian longhorned beetle ready to wreak havoc in New York!

Outrageous! Despite child dying, Trump administration bringing back cyanide bombs to kill wildlife!

Water so hot in Alaska that it's killing large numbers of salmon!

Photo of the Day

Comedian Jon Stewart and his wife turned their farm into a 45-acre animal sanctuary!

Feeding ducks and geese bread can make them sick!

Dog dies of heat stroke in car, woman charged in Aurora, Illinois

Woman sends cougar running by blasting Metallica!

Municipalities grapple with bans on pet pigs

Video shows kangaroos hopping in rare heavy snowfall in Australia!

Baby dolphin dies in performance in Bulgaria

Public outcry results in no jail sentence for 79-year-old woman who fed stray cats!

EPA drops Alaskan bay wild salmon protection from mining project

Great news! Delaware becomes first no-kill state for shelter animals!

Home to roost: Backyard chickens get OK in Kankakee, Illinois!

Study reveals bone cancer similarities between children and dogs

Woman rescues injured 55-pound dog off mountain she just climbed!

World's smartest chimp has died

Green sea turtle trapped between rocks rescued

California killed 111,000 shelter animals last year, second only to Texas!

North Carolina small in population, but killed 56,000 shelter animals last year, 3rd highest in U.S.

California rodeo accused of animal abuse

Grizzlies are back on the endangered species list, feds finally comply with judge's order

Rockford, Illinois' 'bulldog' lawyer lives his brand!

Not good for wine lovers: Voracious, unstoppable bug wiping out vineyards!

Ten interesting facts about cat coat patterns

Photo of the Day

High five! School program designed to prevent animal cruelty

Pure evil! Beloved cat euthanized after being found with 31 sewing needles 'fired' into his body!

Wild boars are besieging European cities!

500-million-year crab fossil named after famed 'Star Wars' ship

Escaped chimp gives zoo trainer a helluva kick!

Bison charges and sends 9-year-old girl flying at Yellowstone Park! See the video!

Dark side of horse racing, losers end up in Mexican slaughterhouses!

Unreal! National horse doping regulations facing hurdles!

Big fish tale! Teen girl and dad reel in 700-pound tuna!

Lion dies from heat at North Carolina sanctuary

Del Mar's racing season opens in shadow of Santa Anita deaths

Heat and horses: Time for humane treatment long overdue

Unconditional love: Dogs turn up at hospital waiting for homeless owner!

Justice served? Dentist, bragging killer of 1,000 jaguars, arrested with 6 other poachers!

Photo of the Day

Fall in love with the rarest breed in the U.S.!

Chicago gator nabbed, trapper throws first pitch at Cubs game!

Soldier reunites with puppy he met in Syria!

Track protesters return to shed light on horse racing deaths

German circus cruelty-free with amazing holograms!

Coincidence? Trump's EPA allows bee-killing pesticide at same time USDA stops honeybee counts!

Man dies of mass organ failure after after being dared to eat a gecko!

Kitten season explodes: 112 in Chicago area shelter in need of forever homes!

Video shows dog scaring off black bear in New Jersey backyard!

Piping plovers nest in Chicago for first time in over half a century!

Cutest baby animals from all over the world!

Photo of the Day

Monkey see, monkey do for spearfishing!

Arthritis in dogs: A guide for pet parents

Great news! Sea turtle survey shows endangered animals making comeback!

Nine deer in Japan die after eating plastic bags!

New Zealand wildlife: 14 favorite residents!

Alligator confirmed to be in Chicago lagoon!

Thousands of endangered wildlife rescued in worldwide smuggling crackdown!

Chinese diet of seahorses could mean demise of beloved marine animal!

Family reunites with dog 101 days after being separated by fire!

Bulls gore three people in first day of Spanish festival!

Amazing! Bald eagles adopt baby hawk into their nest! See the video!

Three peregrine falcon chicks making history in Rockford, Illinois!

Leopard skin found with retired forest officer in India

Tiger trainer in Italian circus mauled to death!

It takes just six minutes for a dog to die in a hot car!

South Korean actress faces four years in a Thailand jail for eating endangered clams!

Photo of the Day

Cat, fox breeding brings unique mammal in Corsica!

Disturbing discovery: Stingray found dead with stomach containing a book, a camera, a bottle and a pack of cigarettes!

How and why fireflies light up our sky!

Houston, we have a problem of being overrun by dogs dumped by owners

Japan's whalers celebrate first commercial kill in 31 years

Old bras have new use, to help save turtles!

Wasps building nests as big as cars, climate change being blamed!

Buy a T-shirt, feed 15 animals in shelters!

Meet the Jane Goodall of bears!

More than 200 dead dolphins found along Gulf Coast, three times the usual number!

Just plain nuts: Authorities say Alabama man fed meth to caged squirrel!

Photo of the Day

Gator seen in Texas with knife sticking in its head!

Use common sense: 100,000 dogs are killed each year riding in the bed of pickup trucks!

Cat fitted with four new 'paws'! Check out the picture!

Cat fitted with four new 'paws'! Check out the picture!

Forget the insecticide: Look to bats to fight mosquitoes!

Killer whale pod makes rare appearance in Vancouver

Cold-hearted, cowardly woman killer strikes again by shooting docile rare black giraffe, then eats it and makes gun case from its skin!

Photo of the Day

Larry causes headaches for Trump's security detail!

Cat with rare condition might not look happy, but he is that he and his friend are getting the same forever home!

Vegan pays $230 for 100-year-old lobster, then sets it free!

Man rescues three kittens, then finds five more hidden by the mom!

Ladybug swarm so huge in California that it actually is visible on National Weather Service radar!

Doctorate student creates contraceptive croquettes to street dogs!

YOUR donation can make a Roaring difference for Big Cat Rescue in Wisconsin!

Video shows animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana

Fair Oaks responds to animal abuse video

Dogs watch us carefully and read our faces very well!

Bill banning cat declawing in New York up to governor!

Bride-to-be buys matching gown for pit bull so it can be part of the wedding!

Photo of the Day

Endangered jaguar gives birth to healthy cub at Arizona zoo!

Wayward black bear found on California college campus!

Turtles need YOU this season to keep them alive!

Relentless slaughter of wolves paved way for a predator that refuses to die!

Thousands of reptiles rescued in global police operation!

Cincinnati bans exotic animals in circuses!

Colorado offers $20 for every invasive fish caught!

Science confirms cats, dogs can see 'spirits'!

No croc! Lacoste raised $328,000 last year with endangered species on shirts!

Music festival delayed to protect endangered sea turtles!

Dog being walked stolen by group of thugs in Detroit suburb!

Rescued pit bull and blind calf become best friends!

Too bizarre! Town in England has problems with 'raccoon dogs'!

Cat missing since 2005 miraculously found!

'Extinct' leopard spotted for the first time in Taiwan since disappearing 30 years ago!

Woman mauled by black bear in West Virginia, dog killed!

Rare white killer whale sighted off British Columbia coast!

West Virginia police searching for escaped python!

Researchers: Liking cats is sign of very high intelligence

Why have thousands of sea birds died in the Bering Sea?

Prince William: Jail poachers, animal traffickers!

Albino panda spotted in the wild for the first time!

Orphaned mountain lion cubs find home at Colorado zoo! See the cuteness!

Florida zoo celebrates its first lion births in 30 years!

One of the oldest bald eagles living in captivity has died at 35

France now banning all five pesticides suspected of killing bees!

Photo of the Day

Check out the full size of this incredible photo!

Can Canada save its endangered mountain caribou?

Flamingos, other wildlife making return to Iran wetlands

Flamingo euthanized after boy's rock skip breaks its leg!

Two dozen neglected horses in Iowa need homes

Photo of the Day

Beloved Grumpy Cat dies; he was only 7!

14 fantastic hummingbird photos you just have to see!

See these 13 graceful pictures of rare sea turtles!

Four out of five older dogs have joint pain but hide it well

Exploding pigs! 50,000 animals tortured, killed in England's recent war experiments!

Horrifying! Baby elephant dies after back legs snap performing tricks for tourists!

Exploding pigs! 50,000 animals tortured, killed in England's recent war experiments!

Hidden risks of secondhand smoke to pets

Killer whales of Puget Sound, Washington, are dying out and we can't save them!

Mountain lion wandering Montana neighborhood shot, killed

Healthy shih tzu euthanized to be buried with dead owner

Man charged in burning dog to death

Barney the Cemetery Cat buried after providing comfort to mourners for 20 years

512-year-old shark, oldest living vertebrate, found in North Atlantic!

Arthritis in dogs: A guide for pet parents

Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom fame dies at 89

Another horse racing tragedy: Filly dies at Pimlico day before Preakness

Scientists sound alarm after 9th dead gray whale found on California coast

1,978 dead bobcats not enough in Colorado: Wildlife officials opposed to hunting, trapping ban!

Photo of the Day

Remembering the great animal advocate Doris Day

YOU can help save prairie dogs being targeted in Wyoming!

Polar bear goes more than 30 miles searching for food!

Goodbye porkbellies! Now a Bacon Index is listed on the commodities market!

Every year this hummingbird returns to the man who saved him! See the photos!

Bring more birds to your backyard with native plants!

Outrageous! Botswana gives leaders stools made from elephant feet!

Photo of the Day

Great conservationist Jim Fowler dies at 89

U.N. report says 1 million plant, animal species in danger of extinction!

Wild giraffe numbers in Africa dropped 65,000 since 1985!

Florida animal shelter seeks help in finding Utah's cat owners, feline may have hitched a ride on a semi!

Photo of the Day

Deaf man teaches his deaf dog sign language!

Justice: Animal abusers banned from being pet owners in Colorado!

Missing cat returns home 475 days after it went missing in California mudside!

Canned hunt: 54 lions found killed in two days in South Africa!

New poll shows supermajority of California voters oppose trophy hunting of bobcats

Trap, neuter, vaccinate, release show signs of success in Chicago!

Horseman rides into crowd of anti-coal protestors in Australia, injuring woman!

Photo of the Day

Colombo's 'Dog' a rescue, just like on the show!

Puppy farm breeder arrested for fraud!

Cambodia's softshell turtles recovering from brink of extinction!

Rhino poaching survivor has another calf!

Cat goes wild with room of toilet paper!

Sad news: One of pups rescued after being put in Dumpster has died

Thousands of Emperor penguin chicks have died in Antarctica!

USDA ends kitten testing! Last ones there being adopted!

Blind pit bull mix has his own guide dog!

Justice served: Man put in prison for torturing, killing dog

VCA Canada stops 'inhumane' declawing of cats!

Heat wave may have killed 23,000 endangered fruitbats!

First-time gorilla mom can't stop smiling at her baby! See the heartwarming photos!

Photo of the Day

New baby Victoria crowned pigeon at Virginia zoo!

War on dandelions killing bees, but it doesn't have to

Texas man dies from eating oysters with flesh-eating bacteria!

Beloved golden eagle dies of lead poisoning in Yellowstone Park!

24 seals saved from poachers in China released back to the sea!

Bengal tiger killed by snare, first one poached in four years

200,000 bees atop Notre Dame roof survive inferno!

Tick explosion predicted, here's how to get rid of them and prevent lyme disease!

See a hummingbird in slow motion!

Champ, former Joliet JackHammers team dog, dies at 14

Joliet, Illinois, police corral two wandering cows!

Meet the bilby, Australia's own Easter Bunny!

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Man leaps into river to save drowing bear!

Pod of orcas enter Vancouver harbor! Check out the video!

Good news: World's fattest parrot, the critically endangered kakapo, has record breeding season!

With just 180 remaining, YOU can help save the Florida panthers!

As ocean warms, lost, confused sea creatures keep washing up on California's beaches!

Rabid bobcat euthanized after attacking golfer, horse in Connecticut!

Inhumane: Woman in California seen tossing bag of puppies into Dumpster!

Best way for dog training? Science shows that positive rewards works best!

Scientists revive cells in brains from dead pigs!

Homeless Aussie reunited with pet rat lost by police!

Study shows that great white sharks are afraid of orcas!

Retired officer comes to rescue of wounded, missing K-9

What to do when you find 'abandoned' wildlife

Father frees toddler from dingo's jaws!

Man recovering from surgery wakes up to a stranger cat cuddling him

This dog helps protect an endangered species in New Zealand!

To save monarch butterflies, Mexican scientists are moving a forest 1,000 feet up a mountain!

Poaches target endangered crayfish for barbecue, aquarium trade!

Newly discovered ancient carnivore was bigger than a polar bear!

Baby right whale brings hope for the future of endangered species!



Your guide to spring snake spotting!

Young duck emerges from a screech owl's nest box! See the photos!

Where are the leatherbacks? No turtles seen nesting at Nicaragua site!

Photo of the Day

After Julian Assange's arrest, what happened to his cat?

World's most dangerous bird kills 75-year-old Florida man!

Hair of the dog cleaner than most men's beards, says researchers!

Pit bull ban ending in Arkansas town!

Can you appreciate these photos of baby bats?

Amazing! Swimming dog saved by workers on oil rig, 135 miles off Thailand coast! See the photos!

Photo of the Day

Two dads and a mom stay in this nest!

Tired of animal mistreatment, judge finds unique alternatives to jail!

Chimpanzee matriarch dies at 46 at North Carolina Zoo

Judge upholds Trump on allowing export of animal trophies in U.S.

Photo of the Day

Horrifying! 14 tons of pangolin scales, equal to 36,000 animals, seized in Singapore!

Owl an unlikely mom that keep watch on duck egg before it hatches!

Last female Yangtze turtle dies; only three left until extinction

Kenyans protest killing of elephants, rhinos

Shelter dogs need ways to reduce stress, says study

Jaguar doesn't mind a bubble bath!

Here is an excellent S.T.A.R.T., the S.T.A.R.T. Rescue has transported nearly 5,000 animals!

Females are taking their stand in birding!

Lacrosse game postponed because of nesting bird!

Senior cat goes from feral to mama's boy after rescue

Chart the northern progress of the ruby-throated hummingbird

Some animal care workers overwhelmed by challenges, burdens, choosing suicide

77-year-old hunter unrepentant for killing 5,000 elephants, 60 lions, 50 hippos and 40 leopards

Too sick! Someone is feeding cats with baited fish hooks!

A lion's tale, and its tie to Churchill!

From poultry to pot: West Virginia farmer makes the switch!

Trump's EPA: The hell with hellbenders!

Singer Willie Nelson has 70 rescued horses on his ranch!

Slow down, it's turtle season!

So many animals are going extinct that it may take 10 million years for the earth to recover!

Save yourself from heartache, remember to check your yard for rabbit nests before mowing!

Elephant kills poacher, who was then easten by lions!

Photo of the Day

Listen to a robin's unique songs in morning and evening!

Rescued pit bull has hilarious, endless conversation with adopted mom

Outrage as 'cruel monsters' shoot dead two young elephants in 'self-defense'

Mystery of 'dog suicide' bridge may have been solved, 50 animals have jumped to their deaths!

Elephant in a can? Botswana's new president open to killing elephants for food!

Fewer than 10 'smiling porpoises' may be left!

New law allows for animals to be buried next to their humans in cemeteries

Everyone at the airport stopped when the service dog started whimpering

Rhino poachers sentenced to 25 years in South Africa, setting new precedent

Sir David Attenborough warns that fish farms are endangering wild salmon!

Russia takes first steps to release orcas. belugas from 'whale jail'

Gaza animals find new homes after zoo deaths

Because of hunting, Africa now has fewer giraffes than elephants!

Lawmaker introduces bill to ban fur sales in New York

Another dog dies in Florida from poisonous Bufo toad!

Instead of choking turtles, brewery's new six-pack rings feed them!

Fungi causing major wipeout of frogs, salamanders

Judge grants stay of execution to 45-year-old 'problem elephant'!

Rare white whale filmed off coast of Mexico!

Acting like stork, forestry worker makes special delivery of great horned owl babies!

Here Kitty, Kitty: Believe it or not, cats can respond to their name!

Photo of the Day

Fascinating things about the roly-poly!

Pregnant whale washed up at Italian tourist spot with 22 kilograms of plastic in its stomach!

Rat poison ban on wildlife proposed in California

'Monster' walleye, 17 pounds, netted by DNR in Michigan, then released!

Humane Society looking for volunteers to snuggle shelter puppies!

Photo of the Day

Way too cute: Yes, there really is a panda nursery! See these amazing photos!

Ancient four-legged whale swam across ocean, walked across continents

New practice of netting hedges and trees in England seen as endangering birds

Why have 27 horses died since Dec. 30 at the Santa Anita race track?

Should employees be allowed to bring their dogs to work?

Meeting on Yellowstone grizzlies to focus on reducing conflict, mortality, 65 likely killed last year!

Tasmanian devils 'adapting to coexist with cancer'

One rhino dead, another severely injured in savage poaching attack in South Africa!

Incredible! Woman adopts senior dog that turns out to be her childhood pet!

457 Yellowstone bison killed this winter, but apparently that's not enough!

Police dog finds two children lost in Virginia woods in just 15 minutes!

Want to see hummingbirds in your back yard this year? Here are some tips!

Chimps make ladder from damaged trees to escape N. Ireland zoo!

Hundreds of manatees seek warmth in Florida springs

Polar bear cub makes debut at Berlin Zoo!

Great news! Hawaii coral reefs making miraculous comeback!

Animal Farm Foundation questions 'Future of Animal Welfare' philosophy by PetSmart Charities exec

Jail program puts long-term inmates with dogs in danger of being destroyed!

66 endangered sage grouse released into wild in Canada!

World's fastest shark endangered, 17 others nearly extinct, says conversationists

More dog food added to recall for possibly toxic levels of Vitamin D

Science confirms that dogs can sense 'bad people'

People need to be taken seriously when they grieve the death of a pet, and here's why

Horrifying! Hundreds of 'extra' sled dogs killed, ex-employee says!

No Donder or Blitzen: Reindeer declared extinct in continental U.S.

Bobcat that survived California wildfire killed by car

World's largest T-rex discovered in Canada!

PHOTOS: 15 of the most spectacular household cat jungles you've ever seen!

Ugliest dog in Britain dies at 16

Corporate neighbor: Verizon suspends worker who used equipment to rescue cat off top of phone pole! See the video, photos

Torturing of bulls at festival ended by Spanish Supreme Court!

Cat found frozen to ground in Maine lives and recovers!

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service pleads for people not to release balloons!

Rats are taking over Washington, D.C., and not the two-legged political kind!

Coyotes don't reduce deer population, says Journal of Wildlife Management

Critically endangered black rhino pregnant at Lincoln Park Zoo!

U.S. to declare northern scarlet macaw as an endangered species!

Thousands of fossils discovered on China riverbank!

Actor Morgan Freeman converted his 124-acre Mississippi ranch into a honeybee sanctuary!

Puppy laundering has ties to Chicago pet stores!

Police in Chicago suburb warn of growling raccoons, may have distemper!

New Smithsonian study links declines in suburban backyard birds to presence of nonnative plants!

K-9 Trump may have to get name change!

Teen's service dog gets high school yearbook photo!

VIDEO: Matador seriously injured when flipped, gored by bull!

Mountain lion sighting on forest trail spurs tips on what to do if you see one

You can't make this up! Man shoots foot when he throws shoe with gun in it to hit cockroach!

Alpaca enjoys playing in the park!

Bird brains? A pigeon just sold for $1.4 million!

'Extinct' Taiwanese leopard found for first time since 1983

Brigade of beagles saving billions of dollars at U.S. airports!

Photo of the Day

Snakes alive! Southern Illinois road closes for spring migration!

To protect and serve: Massachusetts police close highway to relocate bear family!

Photo of the Day

Feeder photos show backyard birds like you've never seen before!

Elephant being caned crushes his attacker! WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO

Unreal! Navy man who beat wife's beagle to death could avoid jail time!

Man who taped dog's mouth shut sentenced to 15 years in prison!

Police find abused pit bull in bathtub with rope around its neck!

YOU can take a conservation class taught by Jane Goodall!

Moron sentenced after killing seagull that took his chips!

Too stupid: Woman hurt after jumping into jaguar enclosure to take selfie!

Dog fight puts an end to leader's chance in Iditarod!

Photo of the Day

Meet the mayor of Fair Haven, Vermont!

80 hurt when vessel hits 'marine animal' in Sea of Japan!

Man helps lost dog find its home with sign on street corner

Zoo to study whether dolphins are emotionally and physically healthy while in captivity

Killer of bees: Trump's EPA cites 'emergency' in dumping pesticide on 16 million acres!

Rescuers find kitten in dire situation thanks to help from former feral cat!

True hero: Dog dies after saving family from fire

Blind raccoon brought kittens to his human friends and saved their lives!

Elephant sheds tears after being freed from 50 years of captivity!

Hippo doesn't mind a teeth cleaning!

Dog world: People love canines over other humans, says study!

Family sues after 5-year-old daughter attacked by 'emotional support' pit bull at airport!

Blood on her hands: Female hunter's photo of bloody, hunted-down mountain lion angers animal activists

60 dogs rescued from meat farm in need of forever homes!

Cuteness alert! It's feeding time for the baby manatees!

Sanctuary saves wolfdog after owner left it a shelter to die!

Photo of the Day

Why are giraffes endangered species?

Late president's service dog has a new job with the Navy!

Photo of the Day

Wild pig takes a bite out of bikini-clad model!

Bullied boy rescues cat with rare eye condition and cleft lip just like him!

Man's and woman's inhumanity: Sick savages display their trophies on Facebook page, Cecil the Lion

Wisconsin man arrested after shooting Doberman in lake, dumping body in garbage

No bird brain: Cardinal is half male, half female and so is its brain!

Tex-ass judge says it's OK for Trump's wall to destroy butterfly sanctuary!

Elephant poaching in Botswana 'no hoax'

Breed ban? Pit bull puppy turned away from PetSmart play date promotion, woman claims

Woman taped dragging dog behind electric scooter faces cruelty charges

Rooster in the house something to crow about! You'll be amazed!

Scotland salmon farms raided as part of European Union probe

Dog's barking saves family from fire!

L.A. first U.S. city to ban fur sales in 2021!

No fish tale: 120-pound sturgeon landed on St. Croix River! Check this out!

Trail runner recalls life-or-death battle with mountain lion in Colorado!

You won't believe what some people found in this hole!

Hunter claims he killed two baby elephants "in self-defense!"

Sorry Charlie! Illegal tuna catch costs fisherman $15,000!

Looking for a place to smoke pot reveals a caged tiger!

Photo of the Day

Desperate polar bears swarming Siberian villages!

Too sick to believe in two ways! Norway killing whales for food in fur farms!

Elephants on parade in Thailand!

Rare black leopard spotted in Kenya, first in 100 years!

New species of spiky-faced catfish discovered in Brazil!

Cat found frozen in Montana brought back to life!

All alone: Only one elephant remains in a South Africa forest

Yuck! Oklahoma courthouse reopens after bedbugs found falling out of lawyer's clothes!

Photo of the Day

79 of these guys were found in boxes heading to China!

Half a million cattle may have died in Australia floods!

Photo of the Day

Wild boars running amok in Hong Kong as the Year of the Pig begins!

Four injured in Missouri as driver tried avoiding coyote!

Arizona aquatic facility temporarily closes after fourth dolphin dies

Crocs, snakes roaming flooded streets in Australia!

Here are 22 healthiest dog breeds that have the longest lifespans

Jane Goodall nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

Missing Black Lab makes two friends to take home, too!

Revenge? For $2, you can name a cockroach after your ex!

Zebra freezes to death -- in Indiana!

Two en route to Vietnam nabbed with rhino horn at South Africa airport!

St. Bernard survives 17 days in Minnesota cold!

Photo of the Day

Gator provides emotional support for Pennsylvania man!

'Fox and Hound' in real life: Abandoned baby fox finds new home!

Bald eagle couple in Arizona welcome second egg after raven got the first!

During shutdown, elephant seals took over California beach!

Divers encounter largest great white shark ever along Hawaii coast!

House sale includes a cat that has lived there all of his life!

Sad to see this: Fattest cat returned to shelter for the FOURTH time!

Rare albino porcupine found running through Maine woods!

SeaWorld orca dies at 30, cause unknown

Pacific islanders mourn as their lone duck dies

Good news! Frigid temperatures could wipe out ash borer larvae in Minnesota!

See this baby 'roo takes its first hop!

Puppy miraculously survives after being shot in face with arrow!

Photo of the Day

Big problem with little piggies growing MUCH larger!

Man takes 2,300-mile trip to reunite dog with boy battling cancer!

Norway targets its last wolves with hunt!

Cats test positive for bubonic plague in Wyoming

Orphaned bears in Colorado rescued and taken to artificial den to hibernate

A dog's way home: Canine goes from stray on the street to movie star!

Feds: Bumblebee numbers have plummeted 90 percent!

Mary Oliver dies; poet expressed our need to preserve nature

Under poaching pressure, elephants are evolving and losing their tusks!

Pomeranian known as 'world's cutest dog dies at 12

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Ay chihuahua! How did this fatty lose weight? Find out here!

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Bald eagle population jumping in Wisconsin!

Want to make $100 an hour playing with pups in Texas? Here's how!

Catching a wave! Dolphins have fun riding with surfer!

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Here are some things you might not know about squirrels!

Kennel tragedy: 30 dogs killed in Chicago area fire!

No big deal! Just a moose on the loose in an Alaska hospital!

Pampered kitties: 2 felines living on their own in a $1,500-a-month apartment!

Best kitty litter? Here's the scoop!

Little pup gets big welcome from Great Dane!

After eight years in a shelter, Roxy finally gets her forever home!

S. Korea animal charity accused of killing dogs

Help if you can: 450 neglected German shepherds found on two sites in Georgia!

Bald eagle nest found in Walworth County, Wis., first in 50 years!

Need someone to trim the tree? These gorillas can help!

Family dog killed by coyote in suburban Chicago!

Trump's shutdown may snarl world's longest study of wolves and moose!

New Mexico's new governor puts bans on coyote hunting contests on state land!

Where have all the monarchs gone? Butterfly population plummets 86% in California!

Injured red-tailed hawk rescued by sheriff's police in New Jersey

Potatoheads: Idaho court sees nothing wrong with teacher feeding live puppy to snapping turtle in front of students!

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This dog horrifically injured when children 'fed' it lit fireworks!

New York Times: Japan must end whale slaughter now!

Big tuna: World's most prized fish sold for $3.1 million at auction!

Pointy-eared dogs no longer to be used by TSA because they scare some children!

OPINION: Trump administration's war on wildlife should be a scandal

100 tigers died last year in India, slight drop from 2017

Scientists make mammoth discovery with ivory DNA!

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5 tips for being the best voice for animals you can be!

Facebook directory of animal shelters and rescue groups in all 50 states!

Have a H.A.R.T.: Adoptable canines from the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Illinois

Animal Almanac

September 20, 2019 

   1888:  "E.A. Johnston is teaching two hundred and forty head of cattle not to intrude on the neighbors' crops. It keeps him busy." -- Lincoln County (Nebraska) Tribune

   1987:  Two polar bears were shot 20 times after killing an 11-year-old boy who climbed into their enclosure at Prospect Park Zoo, in Brooklyn, New York.

   2011:  Sciencedaily.com reports, "A human drug (producol) that both prevents and cures kidney failure in mice sheds light on disabling human mitochondrial disorders, and may represent a potential treatment in people with such illnesses. As there are no effective cures for mitochondrial diseases, even in animals, these findings may suggest a novel therapy directly related to humans."

     Ann and Roy Bernard of Kankakee, Ill., started the website AnimalNewswire.net on July 1, 2013. The site also now is available as animalnewswire.com. Since its start, the website has worked to stop the killing of rhinoceroses and elephants for the ivory, the slaughtering of whales and provided Livestream coverage of a savage dolphin hunt in Japan. AnimalNewswire also led the charge to stop a bill in Illinois that would have forced nearly all animal shelters in the state to close. See editorial link below.

An AnimalNewswire editorial: We can never again let Illinois legislators get thisclose to closing our animal shelters

Pig in slaughterhouse comforted by animal activist

Should it be a crime to film at factory farms? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing such bills in six states.

Factory farm film

Animal activists see such legislation as a way to hide mistreatment and abuse of animals. The proposals mandate that evidence of animal abuse be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, or face a financial penalty. This video shows abuse at a factory farm.


The mandatory microchipping of dogs was the hands-down winner of our last poll. 

Your Comments:

On mandatory microchipping: 

"There is no way to enforce this policy with back yard breeders and  Most Pit Bull breeders are backyard breeders."

 "If a vicious attack were to occur in the future, microchips may lead to the culpable dog owner.

  - Lidio 

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