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Photo of the Day

Plenty of feathered friends to see during winter!



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Need someone to trim the tree? These gorillas can help!

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Pets of the Week

Until there are none, adopt one.

     Meet Rena, a one-year-old Pitty pup who's hoping to have a home. She's currently at an Abbeville, Louisiana, kill shelter. At 32 pounds, she'll make a right-sized addition for a loving family. To adopt Rena, please visit Animal Aid for Vermilion Area.

  Meet Chester, a neutered and housetrained male Flame Point Siamese born with a slight abnormality of his upper eyelids. He's great with kids and other cats, and loves his belly rubs. To learn more about adopting Chester, please contact Animal Rescue New Orleans.



Website of the Week...

     Afghanistan may be war-torn and desolate, but it also has beautiful pets waiting for homes. Our Website of the Week is Nowzad dogs, which features dogs and cats from Afghanistan's only animal shelter. The animals inside this shelter are extremely cute and amazingly beautiful.

According to the website, "When we first found out last year that we needed to find a new home for the Nowzad animal shelter due to circumstances beyond our control, it was a rather stressful and worrying time for the charity. But with thanks to the kindness and generosity of our fantastic supporters our fears were soon alleviated." The Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic for small animals is funded solely by generous donations. Two Afghan national veterinarians have been expertly trained by the generous support of Dr. Mohammad of Mayhew International, London, and Dr. Susan Chadima of Maine, who have both given up so much of their time to teach, oversee and support the Afghan vets to learn new valuable skills that have now seen the clinic carry out extremely necessary amputations on street dogs injured in road accidents, dentistry on cats with severe teeth problems, a tumor removal from a much-loved soldier's adopted dog, as well as the constant need for neutering and spaying of the stray population. See more at Nowzad's medical clinic page.

"With the shelter lease secured, we now have been told that our lease on the clinic, cattery and secure staff accommodation is not going to be renewed, and that the clinic has just two months to move," the website stated. "Having secure accommodation is vital in what is technically; still a country at war with daily threats aimed at western aid agencies."  

"This time we have decided to improve upon what we currently have and build a legacy for animal welfare in Afghanistan that will last long after the proposed troops pull out in 2014," the website added.

The shelter is hoping to collect about $125,000 in donations to secure a site for improved clinic facilities and serve as an educational base for Afghan national trainee vets. Along with reducing the threat of rabies, more staff would be trained to promote the benefits of animal welfare.

Take a look and fall in love with the Nowzad dogs of Afghanistan and donate if you can.

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Quote of the Day

"The border wall and the border region is an area of tremendous biodiversity and wildlife. It's a very rich environmental area, and this border wall will have a devastating impact on both the environment and many, many species. Congress made that decision when it passed the Endangered Species Act that it was important to protect wildlife because it has tremendous value to us as a society. By waiving (the act) to build this wall, the Trump administration is gutting that really important congressional decision." -- Tony Eliseuson, senior staff attorney, Animal Legal Defense Fund, commenting on impact of Trump's wall on butterflies, other wildlife in Rio Grande Valley, Texas and in Mexico

Heartbroken student forced to give up beloved pet fish prior to Southwest flight!

Plastic found in every turtle species across the globe!

Some Puerto Ricans angered by upcoming ban on cockfighting!

Photo of the Day

Canine gives life to save soldiers in Afghanistan

Don't call these dogs mutts anymore!

Photo of the Day

Sully H.W. Bush says goodbye to the president

Major auction houses ban sales of rhino horns!

Rare albino buck seen in Tennessee!

Utah man dies of rabies after handling bats he allowed in his home!

Photo of the Day

Man saw a family of mice in his garden, so he created a village for them!

Puppy makes mammoth discovery in owner's backyard!

Ignoring protests, Trump administration resumes fatal testing on dogs!

To stop slaughter, people are vaccinating badgers in England!

Hunter illegally kills rare albino deer in Wisconsin

Super-aggressive 'monster chimps' inhabit African island!

Woman survives hippo attack on birthday trip to Zimbabwe

Two nabbed for illegally selling ivory from La Jolla, Calif., gallery

Despite dangers to sea creatures, Trump administration issues permits seismic testing in Atlantic!

Help needed to save animals from closing S.C. adoption center!

102 dogs rescued from appalling conditions in England; puppies bred on site!

Report: Zookeeper leaving gate open resulted in snow leopard escaping, being shot, killed

Like mother, like son: Beloved wolf shot dead near Yellowstone

Man rescues kitten after finding it glued on busy road!

Legal loophole results in tusks, endangered animal parts being sent to UK!

Photo of the Day

Life or death: Hundreds of animals flee California wildfires!

Let the killing continue: In last dirtbag action, House Republicans have votes to take gray wolves off Endangered Species List and in same resolution let Trump's war continue in Yemen

What were believed to be wolves in Illinois more likely coyotes!

Horror House: New Jersey woman had 44 frozen dogs, 130 live ones at home!

Photo of the Day

5,000 dogs went to Vietnam; none came back

Police dogs save two lives in Chicago area!

Drones being used to help free whales tied with fishing lines!

Churchill Downs tragedy: Exercise rider, horse killed

Basketball player caught flying into Australia with French bulldog in hand luggage

Is bringing new wolves to Isle Royale National Park 'restocking' the zoo?

Family dumps loyal dog at shelter because they're having a baby

New Illinois law opens funding for feral cat colonies!

Snowy owl takes a wild ride on a lake ice floe!

Trump's proposed new head of fish, wildlife a former Monsanto executive

Photo of the Day

Don't mooove! Cow cuddling gaining in popularity, even at $300 a session!

Snakes alive! Southern Illinois road closed to let the critters cross!

Man-eating tiger shot dead in India after lengthy hunt

Maine officials say no to pot before lobsters are boiled in a pot!

Family dogs killed by coyote in fenced yard in Florida

Watch what had to be done to save a dog from a home flooded by Hurricane Florence! Incredible!

No beef here! Plant-based burgers outselling grass-fed burgers at Southern California, Texas restaurant chain!

Unreal! Baby ostriches slaughtered to become Louis Vuitton luxury bags!

Four federal grants totaling more than $1 million will help protect bats

Pilot foster dog program started in Memphis firehouses!

Photo of the Day

How do dogs know when it's time to eat or when you're coming home?

Sad news: Queen Elizabeth's last corgi, Whisper, has died at just 12 years old

Photo of the Day

5 tips for being the best voice for animals you can be!

Shorter life for chocolate labs? Dog's color could impact its longevity

Idaho Game Commissioner resigns after bragging about killing baboon family during African safari!

Invasive frogs pestering Southwests Florida residents

Poisonous caterpillars return to be a problem in Florida!

PAWS Chicago on way to rescue pets displaced by hurricane: You can help!

Hoarder horror: Sick dogs, remains of 500 found in Arkansas! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

Grand Teton tragedy: Mama Bear fed by visitors killed after becoming too bold; cubs taken to Michigan enclosure!

After three years, man reunites with dog on the streets!

Pretty nutty: Flight delayed after woman brings her 'emotional support' squirrel on board!

Four-foot caiman found in Lake Michigan!

Toxic red tide, dead sea life, stench ruining Florida beaches

Photo of the Day

Snakes alive! Two-headed copperhead found in Virginia!

Stung by judge's rebuke of grizzly bear hunt, GOP assholes in Congress won't give up, plan to gut Endangered Species Act!

These three bears get a little help from a friend!

Dozens of animals found neglected, dead, on South Dakota farm

Man's inhumanity: Good samaritan saves cats found stuffed in airtight container

Cute rare Amur tiger cubs make appearance with mom!

Iguana gets electrocuted, knocking out power to South Florida nursing home

Commercial fishing vessel busted in Africa for shark finning

More than 200 dogs being saved from meat farm in South Korea!

N.C. factory farms flooded: 3.4 million chickens, 5500 hogs drown!

Overfishing endangering orcas on U.S.'s Pacific coast

Despite excellent conservation record on elephant poaching, Botswana faces more scrutiny

Potential political power in Australia wants live sheep exporting to end

Amazing triple breach of humpbacks off Nova Scotia coast!

Maine officials put stop of lobsters going to pot before going to the pot!

Photo of the Day

Believe it or not, U.S. has a tiger problem!

Savage killer: 7 dead pit bulls found in garbage bags in New York

UK banning sales of puppies in pet shops and online

Texas grandma shoots, kills 12-foot gator to avenge death of her mini-pony!

Not horsing around: Carriage owners suing Chicago animal activists!

Though it's cheaper to vaccinate, badger killing expanding in England

Murder for hire: Big Cat Sanctuary CEO targeted for death by man who ran for governor in Oklahoma!

Cute rock hyrax pups keep mom hopping!

Smithfield closes major meat facility in North Carolina after $400 million lawsuit!

50 cat behaviors explained

Japan apologizes for captive dolphin show during Olympics sailing test run

Too sick! Man buried dog alive because it didn't get along with new kitten!

Chicago City Council committee to hear proposal to ban horse-drawn carriages

Photo of the Day

Fearsome foursome! Rare Sumatran tiger cubs born in Berlin zoo!

Indiana inhumanity: Live kittens in kill facility put in freezer to die!

Photo of the Day

In the pink! Zoo celebrates births of nearly two dozen flamingo chicks!

YOU can help free a blind lioness from its rusty cage in the Philippines!

Little elephant lost its trunk, and people are worried for his survival

Dolphin a hybrid of two species and first of its kind!

INHUMANE: Nine cats, kittens found dead in Ohio man's freezer

Dog and butterfly, and a great reaction from the husky!

Hundreds of seals found dead on East Coast died of avian flu, distemper

Honeybees are not the only pollinators in danger!

Chicago considering ban on horse-drawn carriages

Why are millions of dead seahorses on the black market?

Montana case could block first grizzly hunt in 40 years

Javan and Sumatran Rhino Protection Units in Indonesia celebrate their 23rd anniversary!

Heeere's Yogi! Bear takes a 'Shining' to horror movie hotel!

Cleared for takeoff: Vegetation around O'Hare Airport in Chicago tasty treat for goats, sheep and a donkey!

Rubbing the wrong way: Sexually frustrated dolphin forces beach in France to close!

Vet recalls impact of being a whistleblower on exported livestock conditions in Australia

CUTENESS ALERT: Mama Bear, babies go in food coma after enjoying salmon feast!

11 pregnant whales slaughtered by Icelandic company!

Photo of the Day

Slow-going manatees apparently on the move!

Woman walking dog grabbed by alligator, killed on Hilton Head Island!

Rodeo bull runs amok in Oklahoma City, dies after it is captured!

Woman apparently bitten by moray eel in Hawaii

L.A. shelter in desperate need of adoptions: Dogs, cats, rabbits on death row!

Nip from dog brings about rare fatal infection for woman, amputations for man

CAN YOU HELP? Desperate plea for food from Indiana animal shelter so far unanswered



Radioactive sheep bolster claim that Israel conducted nuclear test, researchers say

200 million-year-old pterosaur 'built for flying'

Is a cougar roaming Chicago's northwest suburbs? And we don't mean one that hangs out at bars!

Really nutty: Police called to rescue man being terrorized by baby squirrel!

Balloon releases are killing birds, other wildlife. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

BASTARDS! Father, son face charges for killing Mama Bear, cubs in den, then attempting to cover it up!

Photo of the Day

Whale shark among animals killed by devastating red tide

Red tide kills hundreds of rare turtles on Florida's Gulf Coast!

Experts shaken by three recent deaths of horses on North Carolina's Outer Banks

Large cattle farm may have caused romaine lettuce e-coli outbreak

Chick makes dramatic leap! Advisory: Stick with the video to the end, amazing!

Former NFL star Peyton Manning adopts abused pup from Mississippi carnival!

Man rescues daughter after she is bitten by shark along North Carolina island!

Photo of the Day

Can forensics save the world's most-trafficked animal?

Starting first with lungs for pigs, bioengineers eye lab-grown lungs for humans

Idiot who taunted bison at Yellowstone arrested!

'Rarest of rare' cotton candy-colored lobster caught off Maine coast!

Supermarket bans dogs from grocery carts, even service animals!

Chicago's leading no-kill shelter desperate for adoptions!

Heartless bastards: Trump's team sees nothing wrong with killing bear cubs, mothers in their dens in Alaska

All 12 rare rhinos relocated have died, six Kenya wildlife officers suspended

Polar bear shot dead after it attacks cruise ship guard

Falcons, new chick news hawks atop Rockford's newspaper building!

Will proposed changes endanger more species?

Why was a dead bald eagle left lying on the road in Iowa?

Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo enclosure, kills alpacas, emu and fox

Kenya announces death penalty for poachers!

Lions feast on three suspected poachers!

37 million bees killed in Canada: GMO field suspected as culprit!

Photo of the Day

How this white cat escaped slaughter to become a pampered pet!

Man's humanity: To reduce animal anxiety, town in Italy uses 'silent' fireworks

Fired animal control director in Chicago rips claims of animal 'warehousing'

Truck overturns in Washington state carrying 5,000 slaughter-bound chickens

Unbelievable: Bumblebees now considered endangered species!

Duke, renown dog of Bush's Baked Beans commercials, dies

Court declares that killing dogs for meat is illegal in South Korea!

Photo of the Day

Fred the chameleon newest, smallest addition to zoo!

BUFFALOED: Trophy hunter fatally gored in groin by mate of water buffalo he had just killed!

Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, dies at 46

Three bald eagles take flight from rehab center, watch the incredible video!

Here are some of the most pet-friendly companies!

Ever see a shoebill stork? Strange looking and makes strange noises!

Here is an excellent S.T.A.R.T., the S.T.A.R.T. Rescue has transported nearly 5,000 animals!

100,000 dogs die each year from riding in truck beds!

Why are giraffes becoming endangered?

Jellyfish attack in Florida! More than 800 swimmers treated for stings!

FDA sees nothing wrong with Asian seafood raised on antibiotics, pig feces!

Photo of the Day

Cricketer slammed for having lion at home!

Two gorillas at Milwaukee Zoo died of e-coli in drinking water!

Coyote hunting contests banned in Vermont

Photo of the Day

Blind dachshund and his guide dog reunited!

G'day, mate! Wallaby running amok in Indiana!

Another tragedy in the air: Pomeranian dies during Delta flight!

Happily ever after: Beagle goes from Kentucky kill facility to Buckingham Palace!

Woman badly hurt after bear attack in Montana

Facebook seen as to being an accomplice of ivory market, wildlife crimes

Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo celebrates 150 years!

Cougar euthanized, after being suspected of killing mountain biker, injuring another

Pack of seven dachshunds attack, kill Oklahoma woman!

Humane Hoosiers: Indiana drops plan for bobcat hunting!

Outstanding WWF message still needed to stop the killing of rhinos

Sick bastard! Ag teacher drowns raccoons, opossum in front of students! WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO

U.S. Rep wants answers on USDA killing of cats, kittens!

Indian rhino killed by poachers, fourth dead in India preserve this year

Rats eradicated from Antarctica island, birds make huge comeback!

VIDEO: Army vet flies to save dogs from certain death!

Pelicans crash college graduation!

World's oldest living spider dies at 43 -- victim of wasp sting!

Hundreds of cattle killed in fire-scorched Oklahoma pastures

Hippo thinks he has become a rhino, his best friend!

First polar bear born in tropics dies at 27

Photo of the Day

Amazing underwater photos show why we need to protect our oceans

Only 40 wild red wolves remain says feds

Deaf, partially blind dog stays with toddler lost in Aussie bush

Stench leads to discovery of stolen tortoises -- 10,000 of them!

Court: Monkey can't sue for copyright infringement of selfies

WHY? Iceland wants to hunt 191 fin whales after two-year self-imposed ban!

Sick savages: AR-15s used to wipe out wolves in Alaska!

Lamb saved from slaughterhouse!

This dog was the last of 80 rescued from a closed South Korean dogmeat farm! See how they lived

Queen Elizabeth devastated: Her last corgi dies

Family rescues baby manatee during Florida vacation!

Pure evil: 11 lions, including cubs, poisoned to death in Uganda national park!

Report reveals five deadliest states for mountain lions

Will Trump's crap ever end? Endangered Species opponent picked to set federal wildlife policies

Phoenix airport uses therapy dogs to soothe stressed fliers

Maryland woman finds a place in her home for 26-year-old cat

Extinction imminent? Last male northern white rhino dies

Central Michigan University student saves squirrel using 'Office' trick! Check out this video!

Dog stuck in railing until friend gives a helping paw!

More airline pet problems: Family's dog stuck in Germany!

Photo of the Day

YOU can tell Ohio governor to stop bastards like this from causing this carnage!

More Trump lies: Wildlife 'Protection' Board filled with big game hunters!

Incredible! Super colony of 1.5 million penguins discovered!

Photo of the Day

Curiosity almost killed this kitten!

20 things you didn't know about torties!

Pot for pets: N.Y. legislator offers bill to allow medical marijuana for people's pets

Bizarre tie with happy ending: Dog of superhero creator Stan Lee rescued by NFL legend Jim Brown!

Wiping out wildlife: 126 hawks, raptors found shot dead at California property

French bulldog dies after being put in airline overhead bin!

United flies wrong dog to Japan!

TWO-FACED: Trump backtracks on animal trophy ban; did he cave in to the demands of his big game hunting sons?

Race car driver gives up chance to win by avoiding hitting dog on track!

Photo of the Day

Capybara, rescue animals make incredible family!

Coyote that bit 8 in New York had rabies!

Runaway dog brings interstate to standstill!

Great video of a pit bull who goes from fighting to getting his forever home!

Mexico reports huge drop in number of monarch butterflies!

Photo of the Day

Yes, this yellow cardinal is real, and rare!

Great video of a pit bull who goes from fighting to getting his forever home!

Headed to slaughterhouse, sow rescued to become Pigasso!

Country that hosted Winter Olympics still has dog meat trade, but YOU can help stop the slaughter!

Wrong horsepower? Man who rode horse on California freeway faces DUI charge!

Extinct in 20 years? Where have all the monarch butterflies gone?

Hunter using animal caller mistaken for coyote, shot to death!

Photo of the Day

Bald eagle on ice!

Annual killing of cormorants put on hold for spring

Surprise! Penguin makes unscheduled visit with researchers!

Lions maul suspected poacher to death!

Dolphin slaughter in Japan continues, 6 butchered, one captured for zoo!

Yuck! Parasitic worms previously found in cows removed from Oregon woman's eye!

36 more striped dolphins slaughtered in Taijii, Japan, and Trump and Japan's PM ignore it!

Blood on the ivory: American investigator stabbed to death in Kenya!

Runaround Sue: Well-known T rex getting new digs at Chicago's Field Museum

Bullseye! Shot goose hits hunter, knocks him unconscious!

VW, Mercedes apologize for testing diesel fumes on monkeys

Bastards! 4 elephants killed with fruit poisoned with cyanide!

Facebook directory of animal shelters and rescue groups in all 50 states!

Have a H.A.R.T.: Adoptable canines from the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Illinois

Animal Almanac

December 18, 2018 

   1873:  "War! War! War! On the 1st day of January, 1874, a war of extermination is to be levied against the hogs who has so long held possession of this city, turning up with filth and garbage of the gutters, wallowing in mud holes, and then brushing against pedestrians with an impudence and equanimity resulting from long years of indisputed liberty." -- Nashville (Tennessee) Union and American

   1913:  'STRAYED OR STOLEN' -- "Dec. 8, span of small black horse mules, both with halters, one had bell. Five dollars reward for information leading to recovery. J.D. Hodges at Caddo Wagon Yard, Ardmore." -- The Daily Adrmorette, Ardmore, Oklahoma

   2004:  The Fremont County (Wyoming) Commission unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday that declares grizzly bears are unacceptable in the county. The commission's resolution said the presence of grizzly bear would run counter to the county's land use plan.

     Ann and Roy Bernard of Kankakee, Ill., started the website AnimalNewswire.net on July 1, 2013. The site also now is available as animalnewswire.com. Since its start, the website has worked to stop the killing of rhinoceroses and elephants for the ivory, the slaughtering of whales and provided Livestream coverage of a savage dolphin hunt in Japan. AnimalNewswire also led the charge to stop a bill in Illinois that would have forced nearly all animal shelters in the state to close. See editorial link below.

An AnimalNewswire editorial: We can never again let Illinois legislators get thisclose to closing our animal shelters

Pig in slaughterhouse comforted by animal activist

Should it be a crime to film at factory farms? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing such bills in six states.

Factory farm film

Animal activists see such legislation as a way to hide mistreatment and abuse of animals. The proposals mandate that evidence of animal abuse be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, or face a financial penalty. This video shows abuse at a factory farm.


The mandatory microchipping of dogs was the hands-down winner of our last poll. 

Your Comments:

On mandatory microchipping: 

"There is no way to enforce this policy with back yard breeders and  Most Pit Bull breeders are backyard breeders."

 "If a vicious attack were to occur in the future, microchips may lead to the culpable dog owner.

  - Lidio 

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