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Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Lutheran Comfort Dogs doing God's work at sites of tragedies!



See Sow Hope's inspiring videos

Video of the Day

Two elephants make dramatic rescue of drowning calf!

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Pets of the Week

Until there are none, adopt one.

     Meet Rena, a one-year-old Pitty pup who's hoping to have a home. She's currently at an Abbeville, Louisiana, kill shelter. At 32 pounds, she'll make a right-sized addition for a loving family. To adopt Rena, please visit Animal Aid for Vermilion Area.

  Meet Chester, a neutered and housetrained male Flame Point Siamese born with a slight abnormality of his upper eyelids. He's great with kids and other cats, and loves his belly rubs. To learn more about adopting Chester, please contact Animal Rescue New Orleans.



Website of the Week...

     Afghanistan may be war-torn and desolate, but it also has beautiful pets waiting for homes. Our Website of the Week is Nowzad dogs, which features dogs and cats from Afghanistan's only animal shelter. The animals inside this shelter are extremely cute and amazingly beautiful.

According to the website, "When we first found out last year that we needed to find a new home for the Nowzad animal shelter due to circumstances beyond our control, it was a rather stressful and worrying time for the charity. But with thanks to the kindness and generosity of our fantastic supporters our fears were soon alleviated." The Nowzad Conrad Lewis Clinic for small animals is funded solely by generous donations. Two Afghan national veterinarians have been expertly trained by the generous support of Dr. Mohammad of Mayhew International, London, and Dr. Susan Chadima of Maine, who have both given up so much of their time to teach, oversee and support the Afghan vets to learn new valuable skills that have now seen the clinic carry out extremely necessary amputations on street dogs injured in road accidents, dentistry on cats with severe teeth problems, a tumor removal from a much-loved soldier's adopted dog, as well as the constant need for neutering and spaying of the stray population. See more at Nowzad's medical clinic page.

"With the shelter lease secured, we now have been told that our lease on the clinic, cattery and secure staff accommodation is not going to be renewed, and that the clinic has just two months to move," the website stated. "Having secure accommodation is vital in what is technically; still a country at war with daily threats aimed at western aid agencies."  

"This time we have decided to improve upon what we currently have and build a legacy for animal welfare in Afghanistan that will last long after the proposed troops pull out in 2014," the website added.

The shelter is hoping to collect about $125,000 in donations to secure a site for improved clinic facilities and serve as an educational base for Afghan national trainee vets. Along with reducing the threat of rabies, more staff would be trained to promote the benefits of animal welfare.

Take a look and fall in love with the Nowzad dogs of Afghanistan and donate if you can.

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Quote of the Day

"The dog was not very big, but in this life not everything of value is. Those who know me know I have great admiration for animals. If it happened again today, I would do the exact same thing."

-- Carlos Matos, race car driver, who likely lost a race because he stopped to avoid hitting a dog

Justice at last! 4-year prison sentence for man who smuggled body parts of 125 tigers, 1,200 leopards!

Good news, sort of: Brazilian pork processor chooses to abandon cages and let the pigs run free!

Last chance now to save the vaquita, the 'smiling porpoise'!

PHOTO, VIDEO SERIES: Breakthrough for nervous bear too scared to believe she was truly safe!

YOU can help by rhinos by adopting them!

Red-headed woodpecker numbers in decline!

No tale: Fish can become depressed!

Police intercept suspect rhino poaching syndicate!

Mama Kitty back with kittens after suffering broken leg in Hurricane Harvey!

Hundreds of cats, dogs rescued from Puerto Rico in need of forever homes

Gucci says arrividerci to fur!

Rattlesnake bite fatal to 31-year-old triathlete!

Teen admits he nearly killed dog with arrow!

And a child shall lead them: 10-year-old boy raises $100,000 to save rhinos!

Should people boycott Jimmy John's because the jackass owner keeps killing endangered animals?

Feds offer $5,000 to nail wolf-killer!

Photo of the Day

Rare Key deer hit hard by hurricane!

PHOTO SERIES: A whimper in a barn changes the way a farmer looks at this animal!

UK's annual massive bird slaughter about to begin

Huge drop in poaching so far this year in Mozambique park!

When will this savage bloodbath end? Dolphins, whales being slaughtered in Japan, Faroe Islands!

2 more pygmy elephants found dead without tusks!

Residents worry about wild elephants after rampage near school!

Cuteness alert: Tiger cubs meet each other for first time!

4 in court in Namibia for having elephant tusks

Photo of the Day

Meet Maya! Rare tapir born in Scotland zoo!

3 Vietnamese nabbed with rhino horn in Thailand

Badger severely injured, euthanized after being caught in barbarous snare trap

Photo of the Day

Disabled animals get second chance with 'Furrtographer'

Gates, Branson see investment future in 'clean meat,' which no longer kills animals!

Orangutan birth brings hope for Sumatra reserve, see the photos!

Endangered snow leopard cubs make their zoo debut!

A long life: Nutmeg, world's oldest living cat, dies at 32

Rescuers use clever way to save kitten trapped in well!

Dog that disappeared in Florida turns up in New York more than a year later!

Passionate conservationist David Shepherd dies

5 ways to tell your dogs you love them in their language

Czech zoo burns rhino horns, condemns S. Africa auction

54 cats safe at Hemingway Home in hurricane-damaged Key West, Fla.

Reporter helps rescue baby dolphin!

Animals in Barbuda fight to survive amidst Hurricane Irma aftermath!

Photo of the Day

Manatees saved after being marooned in drained bay!

Great news! Number of endangered black rhinos rising!

Decaffeinated? Climate change could impact bees, trees needed to produce coffee

Cat chewing itself? Forget the plastic cone, give it an infant-sized shirt!

Deadly herpes virus threatens oysters worldwide!

Japanese smuggler arrested, six exotic animals seized in Bangkok

Photo of the Day

Sassy swimming cat becomes symbol of resilience against Hurricane Harvey aftermath

Cat Tale I: See this world record long feline tail of 17 inches!

Cat Tale II: This feline is a world record 29 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds!

Firefighter dives into bay to rescue pup!

How zoos, aquariums prepare for hurricanes

Chronic wasting disease getting near Yellowstone elk herd

Wildlife crime in top 5 most lucrative for organized crime!

Tiger killed in Georgia had escaped circus truck!

10 sharks found in basement pool in New York City!

In case of disaster, have an evacuation plan for your pets

Photo of the Day

Pets, wildlife swimming through Harvey's floodwaters

More than 100 dogs found abused, chained, starved in Georgia

Hundreds of pets displaced in Houston; here's how YOU can help them

Sad sun bear free for more than a year but still afraid to go out of his cage!

Airport using therapy dogs to soothe stressed fliers!

Ghostly, translucent lobster caught off Maine coast! See the photo!

Salmon farm collapse into Puget Sound, Wash., renews debate about fish farming

Photo of the Day

Here's why people are posting cat pictures in response to the Barcelona attack

Whiting, Ind., shelter director tied to dogfighting remains on city payroll!

Chinese fishermen get prison sentences for killing 6,000 sharks!

Alligator snapping turtle makes debut at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

10 charged with illegal wildlife trafficking in Virginia

Baby elephant gravely ill at Pittsburgh Zoo

Piglets rescued from fire in March become sausages for rescuers!

Two ducklings rescued in West Chicago!

SeaWorld euthanizes 42-year-old 'matriarch' orca

Here are some reasons not to eat tilapia!



Here is an excellent S.T.A.R.T., the S.T.A.R.T. Rescue has transported nearly 5,000 animals!

Read what the Pope says about protecting plant and animal species

FATAL REVENGE! Big game hunter trampled by elephant in Namibia!

Massive case of illegal killing of wildlife ready to go to prosecutor. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO

Needed: Homes for 400 greyhounds!

Photo of the Day

Piglet DNA map could mean animal organs for needy humans!

Women sue after finding mouse in chicken sandwich!

Extreme poaching: Chinese fishing vessel nabbed with 200 tons of sharks off Galapagos Islands!

Crushing statement: Two tons of ivory destroyed in New York City!

Photo of the Day

Near death, this 43-pound Weimaraner has made an incredible recovery!

Highly endangered white rhino population in Uganda rises to 20

Prison for man who threw dogs off parking garage

A win-win: High school track team runs with shelter dogs!

Determined paralyzed kitten walks again!

Photo of the Day

Here is one of many great pictures captured from camera trapping in the trees!

Actor William Shatner narrowly escapes injury at horse show

Dog flu update and a new site to follow the flu epidemic

Listen to the beautiful sound of a loon duet!

A first! See photos of a female lion nursing a leopard cub!

Rare bird not seen in 60 years found in Venezuela!

PHOTO SERIES: This picture shows a pit bull before his adoption. Check out the photos after he gets a home!

South Africa reporting slightly fewer rhino killings this year, but the number still is appalling!

Trump administration pledges $23 million to fight poaching in Namibia

SeaWorld tragedy: Baby orca dies

YOU can help save the koala from extinction: Here's how!

Why? Parts of rare animals nabbed in Katmandu!

Smile! Selfie makes monkey out of photographer!

Real fish story: Man reels in 80-pound catfish!

VIDEO: Oh deer! Dog rescues fawn from water!

Alarm sounded on rising number of tiger killings!

What a dick! Trump ends ban on animal trophy imports!

Animal abuse in Singapore results in $180,000 fine!

Two poachers killed, four arrested after rhino slaughter! WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO

South Africa savages: Six white rhinos killed in one night!

Famous French bulldog lifts spirits of hospital patients!

Trump administration sued over federal blackout on animal welfare information!

No bull! Shark caught on Indiana lake!

Chicago area tragedy: 18 horses killed in barn fire!

Italian town uses only silent fireworks to reduce anxiety in pets, wildlife!

K-9 cop tragedy: Police dog dies from overheating in squad car!

God can't fix stupid: Pastor nearly killed by lions as he asked for divine intervention

Two rare Eastern black rhinos born within days of each other!

Rhino horn, rifles seized in South Africa

8 things you can do that will have your senior dog thank you for!

Chained all of his life, watch the reaction when this bull is finally freed!

Exotic animal bust made in Houston

ALERT: Many brands of dog rawhide chews recalled!

Sick bastards! Every 33 hours a rhino is slaughtered!

PHOTO SERIES: Meet this cute baby rhino named Raja!

Asshole Trump strikes again! Limits removed on netting of turtles, dolphins, other marine mammals!

Chicago police hope to find owner of dog rescued from Lake Michigan

VIDEO: Horse has fun with a squeaky rubber chicken!

Climate change seen as causing animals to be out of sync!

Animal abuse registry gains support throughout U.S.!

Power of social media: Animals Asia helps shut down 100 dogmeat restaurants in China!

Scarlet ibis, national bird of Trinidad & Tobago, being poached, eaten into extinction on those islands!

Park ranger from the Congo tells of the stark, grim reality of the ivory trade

Elephant found dead from electrocution in India

Stop having misconceptions about feral cats!

Feral cat debate opinion: Trap, Neuter, Return is sound public policy

50 nabbed for rhino poaching

Man fatally injures his German shepherd with an ax!

Incredible! 99-year-old veteran donating $2 million to wildlife refuge!

Hurt Mama 'Possum won't let go of people who saved her babies!

What's good about opossums? They eat ticks by the thousands!

Puppy mill ban passes one California House, Senate next!

Two dozen nailed with 200 poaching counts in Ohio!

Man found guilty of mistreating dogs

73-year-old man hurt when great white shark jumps in his boat!

Zookeeper killed by tiger in UK

Pure evil: Man throws two dogs from fifth-floor building, one survives!

True crazy cat lady: Woman designs little living room furniture just for her felines!

Ultimate revenge: Hunter crushed to death by dying elephant he shot!

Dog whose mouth was taped shut so grateful to be freed!

All of these animals are endangered, and here's what YOU need to know!

Rare, beloved white wolf killed in Yellowstone

YOU can help protect the northern white rhino, the world's rarest mammal!

Will relentless climate change wipe out the beloved yellow-eyed penguin?

Four arrested in South Africa in possession of parts of two lions

Burrito, the rare male tortie kitten, is in high demand for adoption!

PHOTO SERIES: Meet Smiley! Born without eyes, this golden retriever is an outstanding therapy dog!

VIDEO: Look at who takes a drink from The Bucket!

Veterinarian helps after other vet takes off with all pet records!

12 dogs found in mass grave in California; $10,000 reward offered for information

Animal sanctuary relocation rejected, so owners euthanize all of its 11 exotic animals

VIDEO: Lambs won't eat, but then they are reunited with Mom!

PHOTO SERIES: Why are squirrels getting fatter?

Girl pries alligator's jaws open to free herself!

OPINION: Time for Veterans Administration to stop experimenting on animals!

Greyhound trainer busted for giving dogs cocaine!

For the sake of a tortured and killed cat, sign the petition to create an Animal Abuse Registry in Utah. Let's do it in every state!

Spider blamed for rollover crash!

Hundred rare pangolins rescued from wildlife traffickers!

VIDEO: Baby black rhino makes debut at Pittsburgh Zoo

World's 'most expensive' tortoises rescued in Taiwan!

Paying the price: Poacher gets 20 years over ivory

Batavia, Ill. City Council goes whole hog to protect 'service' pig!

Going to the dogs: Woman dumps husband to live with 500 huskies and hundreds of stray dogs!

Underground puppy mill raided in Newton County, Ind.

The other ivory trade: Narwhals and walruses!

Can you help gray-headed flying foxes?

Facebook directory of animal shelters and rescue groups in all 50 states!

Have a H.A.R.T.: Adoptable canines from the Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Illinois

Animal Almanac

October 17, 2017 

   1846:  "That noble animal -- the Horse, seems to be getting up in our county. The younger stock are doing great honor to their sires and grandames. Man of the two-year-old yearlings and colts were far more attractive to the admirers of this animal than any which have hither to been exhibited." -- Northern Galaxy of Middlebury, Vermont, reporting on the Addison County Fair

   1913:  A dog given a gasoline bath as a flea treatment ran amuck through the streets of Palo Alto, California, giving the locals a rabies scare. The local veterinarian who treated Bruno noted that the dog had a right to get mad after enduring a gasoline bath. The San Francisco Call newspaper described the dog's reaction to the bath: "Propelled by gasoline, (the dog) raced into the center of town, capsized a baby buggy, rolled on his back into the gutter and performed other queer antics."

   2004:  The BBC reports that a genetic study reveals an extinct species of early humans likely was responsible for spreading the head lice infesting people today. "Lice could have jumped from them to our ancestors during fights, sex, clothes-sharing or even cannibalism," the BBC reported.

     Ann and Roy Bernard of Kankakee, Ill., started the website AnimalNewswire.net on July 1, 2013. The site also now is available as animalnewswire.com. Since its start, the website has worked to stop the killing of rhinoceroses and elephants for the ivory, the slaughtering of whales and provided Livestream coverage of a savage dolphin hunt in Japan. AnimalNewswire also led the charge to stop a bill in Illinois that would have forced nearly all animal shelters in the state to close. See editorial link below.

An AnimalNewswire editorial: We can never again let Illinois legislators get thisclose to closing our animal shelters

Pig in slaughterhouse comforted by animal activist

Should it be a crime to film at factory farms? The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is pushing such bills in six states.

Factory farm film

Animal activists see such legislation as a way to hide mistreatment and abuse of animals. The proposals mandate that evidence of animal abuse be turned over to law enforcement within 48 hours, or face a financial penalty. This video shows abuse at a factory farm.


The mandatory microchipping of dogs was the hands-down winner of our last poll. 

Your Comments:

On mandatory microchipping: 

"There is no way to enforce this policy with back yard breeders and  Most Pit Bull breeders are backyard breeders."

 "If a vicious attack were to occur in the future, microchips may lead to the culpable dog owner.

  - Lidio 

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